Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Halloween 2011"

Jarrett (Mario), JaKelle (Candy Corn), and Jake (Luigi).... We had a great Halloween!!! It started on Friday with the PTA's Halloween carnival at the Elementary school... Monday we went to the trunk or treat put on by the Centerfield City council which was a HUGE success. Then we got to go see Landons's mom, dad, Kendon, Kaycie and Kodi. My Grandpa and Grandma Peterson, my mom, Aunt Shelb, Aunt Marg, and Matt, Tiff and Matti... We also, went to dinner @ Denny's with Landon's family :) What a busy day BUT great!!!

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  1. Cool! Now what about Halloween 2012 and 2013? It is like time is standing still!